Led by SAMEE and in partnership with the GTCS, the Scottish Black and Minority Ethnic Mentoring Network follows the recommendations of the national report on 'Teaching in a Diverse Scotland: Increasing and Retaining Minority Ethnic Teachers.' In an effort to address the lack of ethnic diversity in the teaching profession, this programme is essential for sustained and meaningful progress in race equality in Scottish education.

Launching on Friday 29th November 2019 at the Glasgow City Chambers, this network recognises and supports aspiring minority ethnic teachers and encourages them to apply for promotion both within schools and across the wider education service. Led by BME educators,  the mentoring network will encourage participants to recognise and develop their skills and it will include the ability to spend time in another school or local authority to shadow a promoted member of staff. As part of this, the network will examine how racism, institutional racism, bias (conscious or unconscious), and lack of awareness act as blocks to the promotion of BME teachers. 

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Khadija Mohammed – Senior Lecturer in Education (University of West of Scotland)
Co-founder and Chair of the Scottish Association of Minority Ethnic Educators (SAMEE)

My research interests and area of expertise are within Social Justice and Equality with a particular focus on Race and Diversity.   My research and practice inform my thorough knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and I use this effectively to support students to consider their own practice as student teachers/early years practitioners in dealing with diversity, both culturally and linguistically. I am also a Patron of the Scottish Association for Teaching English as an Additional Language.

A focus is also required on ways to encourage the recruitment of BME practitioners into the educational workforce which is, quintessentially, monocultural and female. To this end, I seek to challenge the notion of ‘whiteness and privilege’ and create opportunities for educators to unpack their own stereotypical representations of diverse ethnic groups.

Dr Nighet Riaz - Researcher and Associate Lecturer in the University of West of Scotland (UWS)
Co-convenor of the British Educational Research Association (BERA)
Training and Development Partner of SAMEE 

Dr Nighet Riaz is an early careers researcher and associate lecturer with as special interest in Race, Ethnicity and Education. Nighet is a member of the Cross Party Group ‘Tackling Islamophobia’ Education subgroup, Holyrood and is a political and community activist. Her research explores how young people and communities can become ‘othered’ fuelled by moral panics to tackle the perceived disaffection of young people and communities who have been identified as ‘at risk’ of social exclusion.


Her publications can be found on the following links:

Monica Medina - Diversity Co-ordinater Forth Valley College
Training and Development Partner of SAMEE 

I have taught in Secondary and Tertiary Education in the US, Mexico, Taiwan, Spain and Scotland.  As an international teacher I have particular interest in intercultural and culturally relevant communication.  In Scotland, I secured an MSc in Inclusive and taught young people with ASNs in the FE sector. After observing how conversations of race and disability are often evaded I was inspired to expand inclusive practice beyond my own classroom.

As a Diversity Co-ordinator, I am responsible for advising the college on equality matters, training staff, and creating policies to support all students. Currently, I am working on a project exploring the experience of BAME students in Further Education and am a Race Equality activist.


Haroon Usman

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While I was at school, one of my family members recommended me to attend SAMEE's Personal Statement review session. At first, I was nervous attending the session but I met a familar face who retired from my school and who helped me with my personal statement. I learnt alot on not only how to improve my personal statement but, what SAMEE offers to young people such as myself. It's great to see where this fantastic organisation has gone to and it will go even further.

Andrea Bradley

The EIS is committed absolutely to the delivery of high quality, inclusive education for all children and young people. We campaign for an education system which actively addresses the inequalities that persist in our society around race, religion and ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, socioeconomic disadvantage and disability.  We wish to see at the heart of our diverse communities, diverse schools in which all children and young people, teachers and support staff, parents and carers, are equally valued.  We look forward to continued joint working with SAMEE towards the realisation of this essential goal.

Ken Muir

The General Teaching Council for Scotland is proud and privileged to work closely with SAMEE.  SAMEE plays a critically important role in the drive to ensure a genuinely inclusive education system in Scotland.  The work they do to support and empower minority ethnic educators and parents contributes greatly to the delivery of a more empowered education system, a strengthening of the education workforce and the improvement of life chances for children and young people.

Naheed Aftab

SAMEE is a much needed organisation for many people requiring help, advise and support within the education sector. Pupils, teachers and parents alike are assisted with many matters that have a significant impact on their or their children’s life.

Abu Dhar - Scottish Enterprise

The Aspire Higher Project has worked closely with SAMEE on a range of initiatives, with a particular focus on facilitating support from industry professionals to provide advice, mentoring and placement opportunities. 

SAMEE has become a significant influence and stakeholder within the education network and we are happy to continue supporting their work on future projects.


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