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Nuzhat Uthmani

Primary School Teacher

"My involvement with SAMEE started first as a parent, a number of years before I became a teacher as I attended an event SAMEE organised for parents to learn more about Scotland’s curriculum. I found the session then and all my engagement with SAMEE since, informative, supportive and empowering. As a teacher, I have found SAMEE has offered me safe spaces to grow my professional identity and to build confidence in my own abilities as a teacher and activist of equality matters. 

Nuzhat Uthmani.jpg

Participating in SAMEE’s Leadership and Coaching programme helped me to build wider networks with colleagues across the country and has helped me to map out my own professional journey in Scottish education.  SAMEE’s strengths include the wide perspectives that its members bring from diverse backgrounds across Scotland and beyond.”

Sue Clyne

Director of HR and OD, Edinburgh College

 'They present and discuss potentially controversial topics in a thoughtful and balanced way that gets people thinking and questioning their assumptions. Their engagement would be of huge benefit to any organisation and I look forward to working with them in the future."'


Fiaz Khan

Race Equality Officer

"I would like to thank SAMEE for supporting me and my daughter. Following an undergraduate degree in Psychology, my daughter applied for a post graduate teaching programme. Despite being unsuccessful she never gave up hope. With her interests in mind, and as a concerned parent I enquired about support for my daughter. I was made aware of SAMEE and the support SAMEE can offer. I am delighted to say that following helpful advice and guidance my daughter will be commencing her Post Graduate in Teaching this year. SAMEE has helped my daughter to realise her career dream of becoming a teacher. A big thank you SAMEE from Sehar and her Daddy”


Melina Valdelievre

"I was introduced to SAMEE when I was an early-career teacher in a majority-white workplace. As I struggled with racial trauma, SAMEE and its invaluable networks helped me heal and remain in the Scottish teaching profession. I found the support and encouragement I needed to build my confidence, complete academic research and apply for promoted posts. Thanks to SAMEE’s mentoring programme, I was paired up with a teacher who shared my frustrations and passion – the perfect collaborator to co-found The Anti-Racist Educator. After joining the SAMEE Board, I got the opportunity to support the development and delivery of its leadership and mentoring programme which gave me the experience I needed to join Education Scotland’s Professional Learning and Leadership team. I am eternally grateful for all my SAMEE experiences and truly honoured that I get to continue collaborating with SAMEE in the development of the national anti-racist professional learning programme, Building Racial Literacy."

Lead Specialist (Race Equality) Education Scotland


Dr Jehan Al-Azzawi

Principal Teacher,
Primary School

"SAMEE supported me to develop my confidence and leadership skills. The course helped me to face the barriers and challenges and taught me how not

to allow them to get in the way of my aspirations. The course not only boosted my confidence but also gave me the skills and encouragement that I needed to progress in my career.  I am now a principal teacher and thank SAMEE for their constant support, encouragement, and guidance.  Unlike most courses SAMEE still provides that mentoring support when needed."

Gemma Walters

Secondary School Teacher

"SAMEE has been invaluable. I started out at university feeling very different to those around me, being put in touch with SAMEE changed all that for me. It put me in touch with inspirational and supportive people of colour that worked in education and helped me to see myself as a teacher leader. Without SAMEE I would not be the educator I am today"

Jehan Al-Azzawi.png

Transitions Teacher

"The SAMEE Leadership and Mentoring programme helped me to recognise and harness my unique background, skills and experiences as a teacher in Scotland. As a SAMEE member I’m part of a supportive, uplifting and empowering network of educators, and we are collectively supporting each other as we navigate our teaching careers. It’s a great comfort, particularly as an early career teacher, to know that I always have somewhere to turn when I need advice or support."

Farasha Bashir

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