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Khadija Mohammed – Senior Lecturer in Education (University of West of Scotland)
Co-founder and Chair of the Scottish Association of Minority Ethnic Educators (SAMEE)

My research interests and area of expertise are within Social Justice and Equality with a particular focus on Race and Diversity.   My research and practice inform my thorough knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and I use this effectively to support students to consider their own practice as student teachers/early years practitioners in dealing with diversity, both culturally and linguistically. I am also a Patron of the Scottish Association for Teaching English as an Additional Language.

A focus is also required on ways to encourage the recruitment of BME practitioners into the educational workforce which is, quintessentially, monocultural and female. To this end, I seek to challenge the notion of ‘whiteness and privilege’ and create opportunities for educators to unpack their own stereotypical representations of diverse ethnic groups.

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Dr Nighet Riaz - Researcher and Associate Lecturer in the University of West of Scotland (UWS)
Co-convenor of the British Educational Research Association (BERA)
Training and Development Partner of SAMEE 

Dr Nighet Riaz is an early careers researcher and associate lecturer with as special interest in Race, Ethnicity and Education. Nighet is a member of the Cross Party Group ‘Tackling Islamophobia’ Education subgroup, Holyrood and is a political and community activist. Her research explores how young people and communities can become ‘othered’ fuelled by moral panics to tackle the perceived disaffection of young people and communities who have been identified as ‘at risk’ of social exclusion.


Her publications can be found on the following links:

Monica Medina - Diversity Co-ordinater Forth Valley College
Training and Development Partner of SAMEE 

I have taught in Secondary and Tertiary Education in the US, Mexico, Taiwan, Spain and Scotland.  As an international teacher I have particular interest in intercultural and culturally relevant communication.  In Scotland, I secured an MSc in Inclusive and taught young people with ASNs in the FE sector. After observing how conversations of race and disability are often evaded I was inspired to expand inclusive practice beyond my own classroom.

As a Diversity Co-ordinator, I am responsible for advising the college on equality matters, training staff, and creating policies to support all students. Currently, I am working on a project exploring the experience of BAME students in Further Education and am a Race Equality activist.

Anthony Adams - ESOL, Communication and Media Studies Lecturer at Glasgow City College
Marketing and Communications Partner of SAMEE 

Originally from Sierra Leone, Tony graduated with a BA in African Political Systems and American History, at a time when the university in Freetown was known as the 'Athens of West Africa' for its excellence in Education. Following university, Tony taught History and Government in secondary schools. In 1987, he moved to Britain and studied writing in London. Not long after, he moved to Turkey and taught ESOL but also worked as a freelance writer for Dateline Turkey. With this experience, he returned to London looking for a job in Journalism, however, after numerous efforts he became frustrated and took jobs in security and hospitality. In effort to push ahead, Tony pursued further study in Journalism in London and Leeds, which led to a placement with the Caribbean Times. After the financial reliability of this post waned, he returned to Education, a MA in Journalism. In 2006, he moved to Glasgow and he now works as a lecturer at Glasgow City College teaching ESOL, Communication and Media Studies. After years of temporary contracts, he finally secured a permanent post which now allows him to pursue his writing career once more.

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Yasmeen Hussain - Strategic Alliances and Funding Partner of SAMEE 

Following a career as a Design Engineer, in 2006, Yasmeen began her career in higher education as a Lecturer, later progressing into roles supporting recruitment, advancement and employment agendas and equality charters. As an ardent supporter of opportunities being created to foster equality and diversity across the education, technology and engineering sectors, Yasmeen completed the Aurora leadership development programme and an international project in South Asia, working with technology institutions and industry to encourage the progression of females into the technology and engineering sectors. As a non-executive board member of an independent school and an executive committee member of an equality-led organisation, Yasmeen continues to work with educational providers, throughout the UK and overseas, public bodies, STEM alliances, industry, careers and training service providers and non-profit organisations. Yasmeen’s responsibilities involve establishing learning partnerships to help build the capacity and confidence of practitioners, facilitating collaborative and experiential curriculum delivery and empowering minority ethnic students and professionals to improve their academic and professional progression. 

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Furzana Ahmed - Maths Teacher and Associate Pastoral Care in Glasgow
Marketing & Communications Partner and Treasurer of SAMEE 

Furzana Ahmed graduated in Mathematics and Statistical Studies from University of Glasgow. She furthered her studies and gained a Masters of Science in Information Management Systems and a PDGE in Secondary Teaching in Maths. For the past 13 years, Furzana has taught Mathematics in Secondary schools across Glasgow and an Associate Pastoral Care in her current establishment. She has been successful in completing the PLL (formally known as SCEL) Teacher Leadership Programme in 2019. She recently took part in the prototyping session on National Conversations with teachers around the Refreshed Narrative on Scotland’s Curriculum for Education Scotland.

In her spare time, Furzana likes to volunteers for a number of organisations and projects around Glasgow and offers her expertises and advice on educational matters such as iSyllabus, iSyllabus for Schools, Radio Ramadan and Glasgow Central Mosque. She recently visited camps and shelter homes in Lebanon as part of a charity aid mission with World Care Foundation. In August 2019, along with eight other associates, Furzana visited Lebanon as part of a charity aid mission with World Care Foundation. The objective of this charity fundraiser was to provide dental aid and food packs to the camp sites, orphanage and shelter homes.

Mélina Valdelièvre - English Teacher in Glasgow and Co-Founder of The Anti-Racist Educator
Marketing & Communications and Training & Development Partner of SAMEE 

Mélina is a Franco-Indian teacher of English in a secondary school in Glasgow and she is an avid anti-racist activist. As a member of the first SAMEE mentoring and coaching programme in 2018-2019, she co-founded of a collective platform, The Anti-Racist Educator, which has since featured in the GTCS 'Teaching Scotland' magazine and provided anti-racist training in schools and universities. As a member of the Scottish Trade Union Council Black Workers’ Committee and of the NASUWT Scottish Executive and Equalities Advisory Group, she has had multiple opportunities to design and facilitate workshops on anti-racism for various audiences. She completed a MEd dissertation with distinction on anti-racism in Scottish educational policy and she was awarded a scholarship to research racial dialogue in education in the USA. She is also currently involved in the Runnymede Trust's 'Reframing Race' programme which seeks to improve anti-racist messaging across the UK.

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Haroon Usman

While I was at school, one of my family members recommended me to attend SAMEE's Personal Statement review session. At first, I was nervous attending the session but I met a familar face who retired from my school and who helped me with my personal statement. I learnt alot on not only how to improve my personal statement but, what SAMEE offers to young people such as myself. It's great to see where this fantastic organisation has gone to and it will go even further.

Andrea Bradley

The EIS is committed absolutely to the delivery of high quality, inclusive education for all children and young people. We campaign for an education system which actively addresses the inequalities that persist in our society around race, religion and ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, socioeconomic disadvantage and disability.  We wish to see at the heart of our diverse communities, diverse schools in which all children and young people, teachers and support staff, parents and carers, are equally valued.  We look forward to continued joint working with SAMEE towards the realisation of this essential goal.

Ken Muir

The General Teaching Council for Scotland is proud and privileged to work closely with SAMEE.  SAMEE plays a critically important role in the drive to ensure a genuinely inclusive education system in Scotland.  The work they do to support and empower minority ethnic educators and parents contributes greatly to the delivery of a more empowered education system, a strengthening of the education workforce and the improvement of life chances for children and young people.

Naheed Aftab

SAMEE is a much needed organisation for many people requiring help, advise and support within the education sector. Pupils, teachers and parents alike are assisted with many matters that have a significant impact on their or their children’s life.

Abu Dhar - Scottish Enterprise

The Aspire Higher Project has worked closely with SAMEE on a range of initiatives, with a particular focus on facilitating support from industry professionals to provide advice, mentoring and placement opportunities. 

SAMEE has become a significant influence and stakeholder within the education network and we are happy to continue supporting their work on future projects.

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