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We celebrate and applaud the commitment, efforts, progress, achievements and triumphs of unsung heroes across minority ethnic communities in Scotland.

Who is your unsung hero?

Acknowledge the contributions of an individual, group or organisation by nominating them for an award.

Nominations will be open from January 22nd until March 31st 2024

Nomination Form

What award would you like to nominate them for?

Please see the awards indicated on this page for more information on each award.

Please ensure that all details provided are honest and accurate.

Only complete this section if you are nominating somebody else

You may wish to use the points listed below to structure your submission.

  • Tell us about the work of the nominee.

  • What impact has their work had on shaping/influencing/contributing to the work of children and young people/communities/organisations/sector?

  • Tell us about the nominee’s involvement, dedication, and commitment in providing support.

Thank you for your nomination.

We look forward to announcing our nominees later this year.

Awards List

Outstanding Young Leader Award
Research Award
An award recognising and appreciating innovative and unconventional research focusing on race and ethnicity.
Social Citizenship Award
An award recognising an individual, group or organisation that support and promote the rights and welfare of minority communities, their sense of belonging and cultural heritage.
Social Environment Award
An award celebrating individuals instigating positive changes that address social injustice and challenges in society, schools, colleges, universities, organisations and businesses.
Outstanding Contribution to Anti-racist Practice in the Classroom Award
An award celebrating educators who develop racial and cultural awareness in learners, acknowledging the diverse cultures, traditions and languages of learners and developing curriculum and learning opportunities that meet the needs of diverse learning communities.
An award celebrating ethical leadership skills in young people, acknowledging their focus, enthusiasm, confidence and commitment to activities that benefit their community and develop others.
Sports for All Award
An award celebrating organisations encouraging the participation of minority ethnic communities in sport by addressing inequalities, reducing barriers to participation and raising health awareness.
Inspiring Diversity in STEM Award
An award celebrating an individual, group or organisation encouraging minority groups to pursue STEM education at school, college, University or through an apprenticeship.
Supporting Inclusive Learning Award
An award celebrating an educator or organisation creating an inclusive and responsive learning environment that supports learners with specific learning differences.
Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Award
An award recognising the work of an individual, group or organisation taking the lead in workplace racial equity and fairness and addressing racial discrimination.
Building Bridges Award for Institution/Employer
An award appreciating the work of an organisation/employer working collaboratively with networks and other organisations to improve equality, diversity and inclusion outcomes.
Breaking Barriers Award
An award celebrating an individual who has been an inspirational and effective role model to others though driving reform, campaigning and being a change agent.
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