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Recognition & Appreciation Awards 2022

31st August 2022



We celebrate and applaud the commitment, efforts, progress, achievements and triumphs of unsung heroes across minority ethnic communities in Scotland.

It is with great pleasure that SAMEE announce our first ever Recognition and Appreciation Awards. The celebration is an opportunity to acknowledge and applaud the commitment, efforts, progress, achievements and triumphs of individuals, groups and organisations across minority ethnic communities in Scotland.

Our 'unsung heroes', particularly young people, parents, carers and educators who motivate social justice and challenge inequality are at the heart of SAMEE and the Recognition and Appreciation Awards. Our guests, sponsors and particularly our nominees play a critically important role in creating inclusive social, learning and working environments across Scotland. Their activities support and empower minority ethnic young people and parents, improve life chances for children and young people by tackling disadvantage and strengthen the BME education workforce.


We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the award winners of 2022. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our strategic partners and sponsors for their continued support and allyship.

Recognition & Appreciation - Awards List



Outstanding Young Leader Award

An award celebrating ethical leadership skills in young people, acknowledging their focus, enthusiasm, confidence and commitment to activities that benefit their community and develop others.


Social Environment Award

An award celebrating individuals instigating positive changes that address social injustice and challenges in society, schools, colleges, universities, organisations and businesses.


Outstanding Contribution to Cultural Awareness in the Classroom Award

An award celebrating educators who develop racial and cultural awareness in learners, acknowledging the diverse cultures, traditions and languages of learners and developing curriculum and learning opportunities that meet the needs of diverse learning communities.


Social Citizenship Award

An award recognising an individual, group or organisation that support and promote the rights and welfare of minority communities, their sense of belonging and cultural heritage.


Aspiring Writer Award

An award encouraging writers and organisations to celebrate cultural diversity in their story writing and poems. Celebrating BME writers demonstrating confidence in their writing.


Research Award

An award recognising and appreciating innovative and unconventional research focusing on race and ethnicity.


Supporting Inclusive Learning Award

An award celebrating an educator or organisation creating an inclusive and responsive learning environment that supports learners with specific learning differences.


Sports for All Award

An award celebrating organisations encouraging the participation of minority ethnic communities in sport by addressing inequalities reducing barriers to participants and raising health awareness


Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Award

An award recognising the work of an individual, group or organisation taking the lead in workplace racial equity and fairness and addressing racial discrimination.


Inspiring Diversity in STEM Award

An award celebrating an individual, group or organisation encouraging racial and ethnic minorities to pursue STEM education at school, college, university or through an apprenticeship.


Building Bridges Award for Institution/Employer

An award appreciating the work of an organisation/employer working collaboratively with networks and other organisations to improve equality, diversity and inclusion outcomes.


STEM Inspiring Diversity and Inclusion Award

An award celebrating an individual learner, group of learners or an organisation supporting digital literacy by bridging the intergenerational digital divide or using science, technology and engineering to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.


Breaking Barriers Award

An award celebrating an individual who has been an inspirational and effective role model to others though driving reform, campaigning and being a change agent.

Building Capacity In Education & The Workplace

Key Themes

Racial Socialisation - understanding the intellectual, emotional and social development processes and practices by which young people and adults develop the behaviours, perceptions and values associated with being part of a racial group, how they see themselves and others with shared characteristics.
Cultural Competency - developing the capacity to recognise, value and work together with people from cultures or belief systems diverse from your own.
Anti-racist curriculum - better enabling learners to gain knowledge of racial inequality from the historical roots of racial discrimination to racial inequality in Scotland today. Recognising the need to promote racial equality by challenging racism.
Intergenerational sponsorship - developing intergenerational learning opportunities and learning relationships between generations. Enabling BME pupils to learn about other generations across their community to improve their cultural awareness and foster a stronger sense of identity through developing stronger intergenerational bonds.
Health and Wellbeing - ensuring our BME children, young people, parents, carers and educators learn about the importance of caring for ourselves and develop the skills to support their mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.


15th June 2022


Guest Speakers

  • Hakim Din Education Consultant

  • Mumtaz Ahmed Principal Teacher, Pollokshields Primary School

  • Dr Jehan Al-Azzawi Transition Teacher, Liberton Learning Community

  • Susan Chan Lead Consultant, Dumfries House, Health and Wellbeing Centre

  • Ethelinda Lashley-Scott Curriculum Manager, Performing Arts Studio Scotland

  • Dr Geetha Marcus Senior Lecturer, Psychology, Sociology and Education Division, Queen Margaret University

  • Barbara Becnel PhD Candidate (University of Edinburgh), Author and Social Justice Advocate

  • Mélina Valdelièvre Lead Specialist (Race Equality), Education Scotland

SAMEE’s Building Capacity in Education and the Workplace Conference supports the social, educational and psychological empowerment of BME learners, educators, parents and carers. We aim to champion them to better support the needs of learners; improve their understanding of the benefits of diversity in the educator workforce, in particular increasing cultural competence; create valuable content for curriculum; celebrate the strong sense of professionalism and commitment demonstrated by educators amidst the pandemic; and create a social, educational and psychological health and wellbeing culture for educators, parents, carers
and learners.

Who should attend?

Primary and secondary school, college and university learners, parents, carers, early childhood educators, teachers, lecturers, counsellors, curriculum developers, educational psychologists, student support professionals, health and wellbeing practitioners, education leaders, strategic partners and stakeholders.


September, 2022


BME education practitioners in the Scottish workforce are severely under-represented. 1.2% of primary school educators and 1.9% of secondary school educators are from the BME community. Minority ethnic teachers
continue to be under represented in promoted posts. SAMEE’s Leadership, Mentoring and Wellbeing programme is underpinned by current research on the experiences of BME teachers in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2019; Mohammed, 2020).

SAMEE’s Leadership, Mentoring and Wellbeing
Programme is designed to provide the tools,
resources and support network to enable BME
professionals to:

  • Enhance personal and professional wellness

  • Define their professional identity

  • Be cognisant of their leadership potential

  • Undertake impactful mentoring and coaching

  • Navigate critical conversations

  • Develop a sense of self efficacy

To find out more and participate in the
programme please contact:


In an effort to address the lack of ethnic diversity in the teaching profession, this essential programme was launched in November 2019. Led by SAMEE and in partnership with the GTCS, the Scottish Black and Minority Ethnic Mentoring Network follows the recommendations of the national report on 'Teaching in a Diverse Scotland: Increasing and Retaining Minority Ethnic Teachers' and is essential for sustained and meaningful progress in race equality in Scottish education.

The network recognises and supports aspiring minority ethnic teachers and encourages them to apply for promotion both within schools and across the wider education service. Led by BME educators, the mentoring network encourages participants to recognise and develop their skills and includes the opportunity to spend time in another school or local authority to shadow a member of staff. The network studies how individual racism, institutional racism and bias (conscious or unconscious) introduce barriers to the
retention and promotion of BME educators.


To find out more about the network please email

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